Monday, February 25, 2008

Some months are better than others February has been great! We have had record sales and lots of new incoming projects. We're pleased to report that our 5 string Utilitarian prototype sold over the weekend to a great local bassist named Larry Lefebvre (he also owns the Cocobolo 5 in the gallery), we know in Larry's hands the bass will get a great workout. As you can see from the photo its neck building time. We build our necks in batches of 8, usually we need a few while the others sit on the shelf ready for the next customer order. In the next couple of updates we'll show you basses ordered by Carlos Peniche of Mexico, and Cliff Davies of California. Carlos Ordered a Chambered Singlecut fretless 4 with a 33" scale, and Cliff ordered a Long Horn bolt-on 4 with all the trimmings. These are just two of the very special basses in the fold. So keep your eyes peeled.

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